Chris Mielo

Videography, Photography, Creativity

A portfolio site for Chris Mielo's videography and photography work. 

VaultArt Studio Punk Show

A recap of VaultArt Studio’s “Punk” exhibit. This video has been used to showcase VaultArt’s gallery openings to generate buzz and excitement around upcoming shows.

Filmed and edited.

BallyWho! Episode 1: Customized Employment

A video series I developed for ACHIEVA. The goal is to raise awareness of disability as a part of the community by focusing on community stories that may not be well known.

The video content is edited into 2 separate videos. The main video is an interview-style video with a host that has Down syndrome. The 2nd video is a shortened video that highlights on the focus of the location, event, or person.

Video 1: Filmed and edited

Video 2: Filmed. Supervised intern to edit

ACHIEVA's Giving Day 2018

For ACHIEVA’s Giving Day in 2018, we produced a series of videos to feature on social media and in an email campaign. The videos/emails/posts were spaced throughout the day to share the story of a family, and the impact that donations had on their lives. The 3 videos featured were the primary videos, and had 2 additional Facebook Live videos to share the fundraising progress.

Filmed and edited.