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ACHIEVA Partnerships Improve Employment Outcomes

“When people think of community, they think of lots of different kinds of people, living and working together and supporting one another so that everyone can be successful,” says Jeremy Shapira, Special Projects in Inclusion and Diversity of Giant Eagle. ACHIEVA is committed to community, ensuring that those with disabilities can integrate fully in their neighborhoods and workplaces. It’s no small job, and one that requires the right supports and partnerships.

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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Heroes come in many forms. There’s the impossibly perfect, classical type, possessing supernatural powers while single-handedly avenging evil. There are heroes of war, noted for their feats of courage and nobility. And, there are everyday heroes…people who might not realize the impact they make through seemingly small acts of kindness and an ongoing commitment to support another’s needs.

We see these heroes in homes and in communities. They’re present at the grocery store, the bank, the doctor’s office, and even the bowling alley. These heroes are direct support professionals.

Direct support professionals (DSPs) are lifesavers to the people they support and their families. They make a daily impact, helping others to live self directed lives, to contribute to the community and to make big dreams and small ambitions come true.

ACHIEVA recognizes and thanks DSPs for the selfless role they take. We recognize, not all heroes wear capes.

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In Honor of David and Cecil Rosenthal (Press Release)

HOMESTEAD, PA - To know David and Cecil Rosenthal was to know kindness, laughter and joy. They were tragically taken from us, too soon, at the Tree of Life Synagogue. Cecil was set to begin working at family-owned Iron City Workplace Services. Together, Iron City Workplace Services, ACHIEVA, and Friendship Circle will be holding a document shredding fundraiser in their memory.

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ACHIEVA Family Trust provides the gift of mobility

When your family is expecting a new child, it’s a time of joy and dreams. Thoughts drift to raising them, vacations, their future. When there’s trouble at an early ultrasound, however, every thought gets put on hold. The entire focus shifts from one test to the next, searching for one answer at a time.

That’s the world Nikki and Sean Watson were thrust into at their 20 week ultrasound.

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Powering Ahead

Evan became acquainted with ACHIEVA Family Trust in April 2017 when he sought answers on how to protect his assets while maintaining current and future benefits.

One of Evan’s first requests was for a fully customized power wheelchair for recreational use. “We’ve never gotten a request for a wheelchair like this one,” said Jessica Briggs, Evan’s Trust Administrator. “We look at all requests on an individual basis. Because of Evan’s home on the farm and his love of outdoor recreational activities, we felt it was a worthwhile investment for his quality of life.”

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Grocery Shopping While Disabled (A story)

I’m not a fan of grocery shopping. While, yes, I enjoy cooking, and getting ideas by perusing the grocery store shelves, the shopping experience is usually one of frustration and annoyance.

“Do you need help?”

As I traversed the shopping aisle looking for what I needed for dinner, I heard the familiar question to my right.

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Ending the R-Word

Using a wheelchair in this able-bodied world, I’ve become accustomed to dealing with barriers. Usually those barriers are physical obstacles in my community; steps, broken sidewalks, dangerous slopes, etc. The unseen obstacles, however, are often rooted in people, and are harder to change. It manifests in actions, body language, and words.

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Progressing Backwards, 28 Years of The Americans With Disabilities Act

28 years ago, on July 26th, 1990, America changed for the better. On the South Lawn of the White House, in front of nearly 3000 people, President H. W. Bush signed the Americans With Disabilities Act. Three years prior to that, I was a victim in a car accident in which a driver under the influence of alcohol swerved and hit my family’s car head on. The accident forever made me a member of the disability community. At four years old, I had to learn how to navigate the world without the use of my legs and without my mother: a world that wasn’t designed for people like me.

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